Agrupamento de Escolas de Penalva do Castelo

The AEPC has all levels of education, from preschool to secondary, vocational courses including level IV and adult education.
We understand the school, as an organization must promote each and everyone, not just those students who, for various reasons, find it easier to succeed.
The school must assume a momentum of success; promote independence, responsibility and self-confidence of all students. The school must fostering success, personal success, must value the differences, promoting the integral formation of the person.
We focus on promoting a school, both teacher / instructor and socializing. But we know that this dynamic will only be possible if the operation of the various structures and intermediary bodies are interconnected in a network work, if all members of the educational community to ensure the existence of a physical and social environment that enables the learning and teaching to develop the formation of character and attitudes to citizenship, which supports the development of participatory processes.
The Penalva do Castelo Group of Schools encompasses large school group and therefore decided to integrate this project students from Escola EB 2,3 / S of Penalva do Castelo, which is frequented by a universe of students that extends from 7th to 12th year of education.
In the on-going search for answers to the challenges facing today, the education system, try abanger all kinds of training opportunities, namely: Regular Education from 5th to 12th grade (scientific – humanistic courses of Science and Technology and Partner Sciences – Economics); Vocational Education with a class of Education and Training Course on Clean Carpentry area – level 2, three Professional Courses in secondary education – level 3 (a Restoration Technician – Bar, a Technical Renewable Energy and two Technical Tourism 1st and 2nd year) and a Technological Education Course Professional Qualification, Level 3 Subsidiary (Social Action); Adult Education and Training – Basic level EFA (2nd and 3rd cycles) and secondary level (sort of route A – 2 years and type C – 6 months).
The AEPC has developed several international projects in the scope of Long Life Learning Programme such has Comenius. Besides that also has the capacity to promote international partnerships to promote exchanges between students and teachers. In 2013 we have been approved our first Leonardo da Vinci mobility and it has been seen as a new and very important tool to make our school more attractive to students and therefore to empower learning and fight early drop of. Our school is located in one of the poorest regions and most of the time the opportunities abroad for most of our students are promoted by us because we believe that to be prepared for the reality of the world, labor market, acquisition of competencies, skills and social learning most be made out of the comfort zone.  We are very happy that apart from all we can provide to our students we can include such extracurricular activities that can be recognized and can bring an excellent experience to our school and community.