Colegiul National de Informatica Matei Basarab

National College of Informatics “Matei Basarab” was established in September 1914 as there are a large number of children in villages in the area that could not be properly educated. The number of well-trained teachers was small. The founder of the school is Professor Ion Nisipeanu, who gathered around him special people, especially young teachers, eager to fulfill destinul.Colegiul had some business interruption period. At first it was school teaching in 2007 and became officially National College of Informatics “Matei Basarab” Ramnicu Valcea, but keeping and pedagogical profile. It is located in a neighborhood that is of particular interest among those who wish to establish residence in this oras.Acest makes the number of the school population to be growing, as evidenced by numerous requests enrollment in our school.
National College of Computer Profile is addressed to students who intend to continue their studies in higher education, providing the basis for a wide range of accredited invatatmant specializari.Nivelurile of our school are: primary, secondary and high schools with the following specializations:
-REAL-mathematics-computer science,
-REAL-natural sciences,
-uman-philology bilingual human-social sciences, vocational training courses.
Our school has about 2000 students between 6 and 18, and about 120 teachers, three directors and a consultant for educational work.
The material base represents the standards of training standards.
– 3 school premises;
– 68 classrooms;
– 7 laboratories;
– Library – equipped with complete sets of textbooks, tools and auxiliary curriculum for reaching the goals set forth in the offer educationalasi a book fund of 21,500 volumes
– 1 gym;
– 3 tennis sport
– Festivities hall – 300 seats,
– Modern means of communication
We have specialists who work with disabled children, and enjoying a cabinet of speech.
From the 2012-2013 school year, our school made a total of 6 classes and preparation, with qualified staff to teach at this level. A big advantage you have school classes in primary school achievement is that we have pedagogical profile, schoolgirls carrying out her teaching practice hours these clase.Deasemeni our school is a school for students application and the Faculty -Pitesti Pedagogical Sciences, based in the city nostru- specialization for primary and pre-primary teachers. Number of students who are turning to our school is increasingly mare.Media admissions increased, as well as the baccalaureate graduate this year was 98%, located first in our county and locul31 the country.
Our city is located in a beautiful tourist area, surrounded by thermal sources and many monasteries. Most of the residents worked extensively OLTCHIM chemical plant, but the unemployment rate is increasingly higher economic crisis, which limits access our students to participate in all areas of social and cultural. Their families have financial problems reducing their children can come into contact with other educational systems in countries europene.Foarte many parents were forced to gaseasaca a job abroad, leaving their children in the care of grandparents, relatives or friends .
Our students are very interested in learning offered by other countries and are very interested in learning languages .A number of increasingly high school graduates of our universities in Europe sudenti they started to prepare the file for admission to universities, since the ninth grade through their involvement in many voluntary associations performing and by learning as many languages straine.În our school, each student must study at least two foreign languages , especially English and French. But there are also students who learn German, Italian or Spanish. Unfortunately, they have the opportunity to travel and use the languages they teach. They rarely have the opportunity to see other countries to fully understand cultural diversity mindset, but most lack positive examples to follow their career and the opportunity to shape the future professionals.
Participation in the European project will bring benefit and hope for our students, increase autonomy and self-esteem. It will also be a chance for them to improve their communication skills in English and discover other cultures can better meet the European project and European values will increase motivation to participate in formal education and non-formal or professional future.