YILDIRIM Vocational and Technical High School

Our school, Yıldırım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School has a population of 2000 students. It has been serving since 1992. There are seven departments in the school. These are Informatic Technologies, Accountance and Finance, Office Management, Radio and Television, Marketing and Retail, Public Relations and Organization, Journalism.                   In addition to formal education, Informal education has been going on since 1998. While the students aged between 15 and 18 are being educated formally on weekdays, the students most of who are adults are being educated informally on at the weekends. The school has good physical opportunities. There are 5 computer laboratories, 1 television studio,                1 radio studio, 1 photograph studio, a gym and a library. Every calssroom has a cupboard where the students put their cellphones before the lessons starts. With this application, we aim to make our students give up their addictions to technology. The location of our school is not so good. Most of our students comes from low-income families. Due to the location of the school, students have different social ant cultural backgrounds. Their families are not well-educated enough to guide them. Therefore, they may get addicted to cigarette or drugs. Moreover, because technology has taken an important part of people’s daily life in recent years, student has begun to use technologic devices excessively. And this situation has a negative impact on their real-life relationships. We observe  that our students cannot use technology wisely.