National College „Matei Basarab”

National College of Informatics “Matei Basarab” in Ramnicu Valcea is implementing the “Make Students Addiction-Free (MESSAGE)” conducted

with financial support from the European Commission’s Erasmus + action KA2- strategic partnerships in cross-sectoral

The period during which the activities of the project is November 2015 and September 2017.

Project partners:

6 partners are taking part in this project.

– İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü Bursa, a local authority on educational topics in Turkey is the project coordinator.

– Wyższa Szkola Szczecinska Collegium Balticum, a university in Poland.

– Agrupamento of Penalva do Castelo Escolas of a school in Portugal.

– National College of Informatics “Matei Basarab”, a high school in Romania.

– Mesleki Yıldırım ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, a high school in Turkey.

– I viagra preis apotheke.I.S. A. Ferrari, a high school in Italy.

This project was written to analyze certain types of addiction: screen, internet, gaming, social networks etc, and substance abuse, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or food, in order to try to prevent them, so students have a healthy and successful life. Students who have dependents have difficulty sustaining a successful life, besides, they can not maintain a healthy life and I can improve. They can not use their skills and talents in a creative and positive and lose interest in social activities and extra-curricular their useful. Ultimately these types of addictions can lead to absenteeism and dropping out of school. The consequences of early school leaving are very serious both globally and individually.

The project team consists of the following persons:

-Professor Gabriela Cocos -coordinator project -monitoring

-Professor Roxana Rosu-Calina responsible –financiar, responsible local activities

-Professor Simona Maracine -Guests contact communication: teachers, parents, students


Each team member works in accordance with specified tasks,

contributing to the objectives of each project depending on the specific themes proposed.

The objective of dissemination:

– Promoting the “ERASMUS + Make Students Addiction-Free (MESSAGE)” at school, local and national.,

Proposed activities:

  1. In the National College of Informatics
  • Presentation of the discussion group on Yahoo and Facebook ncolegiul of our teachers (and teachers CNIMB)
  • Presentation of the Yahoo group for discussion of responsible European projects in Valcea County in September, after posting results, but in March, after the first project meeting in Turkey, from 22-25 of February.
  • Presentation of the Teachers Council of 19 .03 .2016;
  • Rool-up presentation at school entry and in celebration hall
  1. At the community level
  • power-point presentation of the project ERASMUS + Circle Pedagogic of 14 April 2016;
  • Article and picture in the school magazine “New Generation”
  • Articles in newspapers: “Life Valcii” and “Courier Valcea”

13 profesori din străinătate la „Matei Basarab”